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Thank you for visiting eVirtuoso-Music Theory Lessons! This site is dedicated to educating music students with lessons, exercises, and tests. Here you will find the most important music theory fundamentals including lessons on Intervals, Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, and Key Signatures.

Importance of Music Theory

Music theory is a critical component for well rounded musicians. It is the driving force that gives composers the tools necessary to create their masterpieces. Some musicians may last awhile with little or no music theory knowledge, but will be at a significant disadvantage and cannot sustain a career in music without it. Musicians use music theory each time they compose and perform, so it is important to understand what is happening in a song or movement. Learning music theory not only helps with composing, but also brings greater communication between musicians. Communicating with musicians across the world requires a universal format which music theory provides. This web site offers many great principles without forcing rigid rules on how to compositions should be written. Most importantly, understand that music theory allows creative ideas and musical visions to become fully realized because music theory is such a great tool to express musical creativity.

Time to Study Music Theory

Experienced and beginner musicians using all instruments will gain valuable insight from this web site. For experienced musicians, this site will serve as a great review and reference guide of many important concepts in music used every day. For beginner students with only one or two years of experience, this site will serve as a great starting point in understanding the most important music theory fundamentals. Some beginner students will feel more comfortable with the material after reading certain sections several times over, along with a lot of practice on their instrument. This book is intended to be accompanied with the assistance of a music teacher and the music theory book eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials. Teachers should assist their students with creating and practicing exercises that help reinforce the concepts in this site. Teachers can begin integrating teaching music theory concepts right from the beginning in addition to teaching students their favorite songs. However, students do not need to be overwhelmed with theory right from the start. The best way to integrate music theory with new or young students is to slowly put simple concepts from their favorite songs to the forefront of their thoughts. With this approach, students learn the concepts, their favorite songs, and see how these music theory concepts apply to real songs in real situations. As students progress, they can practice more complex theory concepts and begin to analyze their favorite composers and songwriters with the tools from this site.

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Non Profit Charities

Music is a great healing tool, and for those who would like to donate their time, money, or instruments, here is a short list of some great non profit music charities for your consideration!!

Musicians On Call Musicians On Call’s Volunteers deliver the healing power of music by going bed-to-bed to perform acoustically for patients, their families and staff. Their Bedside Performance Program serves patients of a wide demographic affected by conditions that keep them hospitalized. Sometimes overnight, or alternatively, hospice and other forms of long-term care.
Volunteer Musicians are never alone and are always accompanied by a trained MOC Volunteer Guide who is familiar with each hospital’s protocols and procedures. While nearly all performances are in patients’ rooms, a musician may occassionally play for small groups (in the lobby, dining room, etc.).
Musicians On Call

Guitar For Vets Nearly one million of our Military Veterans are afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact, more soldiers have committed suicide since the Vietnam War than have died in actual battle. But many are finding hope in an unlikely place: behind the wood and strings of an acoustic guitar. The healing power of music helps soldiers cope. That’s why we provide Veterans with guitars and a forum to learn how to play. But we can’t do it without your help. Please read on to learn more about the program and how you can help those who served rediscover their joy through the power of music. Guitar 4 Vets

Musicians Without Borders Musicians Without Borders uses the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war. They provide participants the time to develop skills and talents, process grief and loss, and build bridges of reconciliation in societies divided by recent or ongoing conflict. They work closely with local musicians and organizations to build sustainable projects in response to local needs. Musicians without Borders is building a global network of musicians and music lovers. They support the organization with their time, energy, expertise, and financial donations.
Musicians Without Borders

Hungry For Music In 1992, Jeff Campbell organized a street musician concert to benefit the homeless and within three years he formed a non-profit organization called Hungry For Music, dedicated to expanding opportunities in music for children. Since then, Hungry for Music has placed more than 11,000 instruments in the hands of aspiring musicians – children whose trajectory is forever altered by the life-changing gift of music. They have delivered anything from trombones and violins to xylophones and guitars to children in 49 states and 25 countries.
Hungry For Music

MusiCares Established in 1989 by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, MusiCares was created to aid musicians who may feel that they have nowhere to turn when confronted with a financial, personal, or medical crisis. MusiCares consistently partners with other outstanding artists and organizations, like Faith Family Medical Clinic, Actors Fund, Bohemian Foundation, and many more to help them provide the most thorough assistance possible.
Music Cares

Sweet Relief Founded in 1994, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to career musicians of all genres who may be struggling to make ends meet in the face of illness, disability, or even age-related problems as they grow older. The organization recognizes that even if a grant recipient has private or publicly funded health care they can still require assistance in this trying time of their life. Thanks to Sweet Relief, artists who led a significant professional career in music can receive a helping hand with medical and living expenses including insurance premiums, prescriptions, medical treatment and operative procedures, housing costs, food costs, utilities and other basic necessities.
Sweet Relief


We are always looking to improve this site by adding more features, but at the same time, designed with simplicity in mind. The focus should be on the learning process of music.
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