eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials

27. August 2010

eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials

eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials contains a vast array of everyday music theory concepts for all musicians. From intervals to scales and arpeggios to chords, this guide provides step by step instructions to understanding common elements of music theory principles and applying those principles to everyday practice. This music theory book also contains a large amount of reference information for quick usage and review in traditional staff line and tablature (TAB) notation.

This book explores the fundamentals of intervals, scales, chords, key signatures and arpeggios and uses examples ranging from the most common variations to some of the more exotic. eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials contains dozens of examples for scales and chords with detailed information on many of them.

For composing, the circle of fourths and fifths is also explained and elaborated upon. eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials provides a revolutionary way of approaching intervals from a geometric perspective and using them to build chords and scales.  Order this online music education book today and save!!

About the Author

Travis Brown has studied music and music theory for over 20 years. Having learned and practiced multiple instruments, he began teaching others to play various instruments. He has been a private instructor for the past 10 years. Travis believes in teaching students strong fundamentals and appreciation of music, followed by advanced studies in complex music theory concepts for composing, improvising and songwriting. This music theory book was developed using the techniques and knowledge that he has learned and taught to hundreds of his students.

He has also created several other tools to aid in the learning of music theory including eVirtuoso® Intermediate, an interactive computer program designed to help aspiring musicians learn, create, and improve musical development and eVirtuoso Scheduler, an intuitive web site that allows flexibility and collaborative tracking with teachers and students to organize lesson arrangements.

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*This product is available as a book purchase or as a digital download.  The file is in PDF format (PDF).

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ISBN: 978-0-578-06611-0 (9780578066110)


27. August 2010


eVirtuoso-Intermediate for guitar players
This PC software has many great capabilities for guitar players. The following description shows several features offered.

3 main categories: Chords, Scales, and Arpeggios

  • These are 3 main categories a guitar player must be proficient in
  • The 4th category simply sorts chord, scale, and arpeggio information by chosen key signature

Over 1100 Chord, Scale, and Arpeggio diagrams

  • All diagrams easily accessible and easy to read

Audio samples for every diagram

  • Hear what the diagram sounds like to unsure it is being properly played

Beginner Tutorial

  • If you have not kept up with your guitar practice lately, you can review how chords, scales, and arpeggios are created 

Testing Zone

  • Test your ability to select the notes that make up any chord, scale, or arpeggio

Search Zone

  • Search any diagram by name and type regardless of what key it is in. No more paging through books to find that diagram

Click here to view full eVirtuoso-Intermediate documentation (2 MB PDF).

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ISBN: 978-0-615-16833-3 (9780615168333)


eVirtuoso Teacher Schedule

27. August 2010

eVirtuoso Teacher Schedule

eVirtuoso Teacher Schedule is a web site for music teachers that allows lesson schedule management.  Teachers can maintain both a private schedule and a public one.  In addition, to managing lessons, there are 3 editable web pages; Home page, Bio page, and Contact page.

eVirtuoso Teacher Schedule features:

  • Public and private schedules
  • Editable pages to add links, pictures, flash animation, etc.
  • Home, Bio, and Contact pages
  • Email students and send newsletters to students


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MT | Engine

27. August 2010
MT | Engine, Music Theory Engine 1.0

Product Information

Music Theory Engine 1.0 is designed for software developers creating musical applications with .NET technologies. This resource is great for any programmer who is not completely familiar with music theory concepts or do not have the time or resources to code their own theory engine. Music Theory Engine is written in managed .NET code, making it portable across multiple platforms. Below are some basic details...

MT | Engine features:

  • There are 43 chord types
  • 32 scale types
  • All intervals within a full octave

To view complete documentation, please click here (~1 MB).

Click here for to purchase MT | Engine.